Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Sorry - I've been distracted by record fairs, handing in my notice and sinus pain. Not necessarily in that order.

Sunday con't

It seems kind of late to go on about my studio session now, so I'll keep it brief. It went really well, although I felt sure that my exhaustion was keeping me from performing very well at the start. My throat seemed to have dried up. I also had too many versions of one song in my head which also gave me trouble, but eventually I relaxed and things went much better from then on. We finished one song in English (Brian Hyland "Let me belong to you"), one song in English and Japanese (Ronettes/Shangri Las/Shonen Knife "Paradise"), and one song in French (Francoise Hardy "Pourtant tu m'aimes"). So if the last session had a winter theme, this one turned out to be multilingual.

I haven't heard the final mixes yet as we decided against burning the candle at both ends, but it was pretty clear that the big star of the day turned out to be the Francoise song. I think the layers and layers of backing vocals and harmonies that Phil somehow coaxed out of me was what clinched it. Coaxed is the operative word, as some of the lower notes seemed out of my range. But Phil insisted, and I found that if I, err, squatted a bit, caveman style...I could just manage it. Now isn't *that* a lovely girly image for you! At least I provided the big laugh of the afternoon when I came out and confessed what I'd had to do.

There was just time for a lovely Nepalese curry before catching the last train back to Upper Norwood and a quick chat with Pam & Mike before getting some much needed sleep before my interview the next day. And thankfully, no UB40 coming from upstairs.


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