Friday, March 14, 2003

Sometimes I really think someone is testing me. This morning was my last chance to get everything packed and the house ready for a weekend away in London. I'd been slowly preparing for about 3 days now, and had crammed everything I need for my show on Saturday, recording on Sunday and the job interview on Monday into two bags. (I should get a prize for that one!)

The worst part was that because I had to work this afternoon, I had to lug everything in to the office by bus and on foot. I struggled down to the stop by my house and caught an 84 into town. Not ideal, because it goes into town via Deansgate and passes where I work. So I'd have to get off in town and catch another quick bus. However, I didn't want to wait any longer so I got on.

At Portland Street and Oxford Road, we got stuck. Why? A *pro* war demonstration! Well, more anti-Saddam-do-something-about it. A group of about 500 Kurds (although there may also have been some Iraqis based on the signs I saw) had been walking up Oxford Road, and turned onto Portland Street. Which is where my bus needed to go. So I had to get off and struggle again down Oxford Road until I got to the BBC, where I had to catch a bus rammed with students.

Now I am at the office. My shoulders ache, I'm knackered already and I don't feel like doing any work. Bring on 5 pm!

But before I go, just a reminder to any London readers about the Actionettes show tomorrow night. You can see the flyer here, but it's at the Water Rats in Kings Cross (328 Grays Inn Road), 9 pm - late, £4 entry. There are two sets plus loads of 60s DJing in between and I think it's going to be fab!

Also, for anyone who didn't pick up on it, I linked a Pitman song in the title below. It's a radio edit so the naughty words are bleeped out, but it was all I had handy on the computer so it will have to do! Enjoy.

I'll post again when I get back! Have a good weekend and DON'T vote for Ruby Wax tonight on Fame Academy! I do like her, but she destroyed a wonderful Shangri Las song last night by turning it into kitsch hell, which is something that really irritates me. Will may be Blackpool/Pontins/cruise ship, but when he cried last night I decided he was ok. Bless.


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