Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I got the job!

I'm so exhausted from the last few days that I'm sure my writing is pish, but I thought some people might like to know.

But yes, I'm thrilled it went well. Despite my annoyance at paying loads extra for an "earlier" train that arrived 50 minutes late and got me totally stressed as well as a lack of sleep and general tiredness from scooting around London all weekend, the interview was fabulous - one of those surreal moments where you know exactly what your answer will be as they ask you questions, even complicated ones. Where they laugh at all your little jokes and nod vigorously at your comments. Where they accidentally say "you" instead of "the suitable candidate" when they're describing the job.

I felt totally happy and emotional when I left, but I promised myself I wouldn't count my chickens. I needn't have worried though - at around 7 pm last night, I got a phone call to say they'd loved me and are desperate for me to start as soon as possible. Wow!

Today comes the unpleasant task of handing in my notice. I sent an email to my manager to raise the subject early this morning so he could digest the news before I started work, but when I got in I discovered he's away on business and might not have checked his account. Should I call his mobile? If he's in meetings it seems inappropriate. Sigh.

But only a very small glitch on otherwise brilliant news. The relief is too fantastic!

And my weekend was fab, of course. I've got some photos and I'll post those tomorrow...


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