Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I don't do crowds

In honour of the bf's birthday, we went out for dinner and then went on to see Ladytron at the Hop & Grape (err, sorry...Academy 3). Guest list meant we could swan in just 20 minutes before they went on, but even that was too much sardine time for me. The 'Tron were excellent, but I got increasingly irritated by the various annoying students. Like the one who looked like Dennis Pennis and kept shouting "Shabba!" throughout the set. Or the pixie-haircutt'ed girl in a repro Moog t-shirt who treated all of us to her truly awful body poppin'/robot moves. Or the pair of tall w@nkers in denim and mullet combos who had no qualms about shoving in front of us towards the end of the set and yapped on about whatever Northern Barley crap is du jour. I also heard another posh male student telling a newbie girl "Oh, I've *been* to Moss Side..." in knowing voice while she looked at him with big saucer eyes. And did I mention the rash of cutsie pie Tatu-esque faux lesbianism going on?

I know I sound cranky, but I'm sorry, I just can't apologise for finding stuff like that infuriating.

Anyhow - Ladytron were very good indeed. Mira and Helen have really come out of their shell - gone is the ice queenly hiding behind synths, replaced with just the right amount of confident singing and eye contact that takes them up quite a few notches as performers. A live drummer and bassist gave their set more depth, and they sounded as smooth and polished as ever. The crowd were appreciative, for all their faults, and I'm sure the 'Tron were pleased to have to do two encores.

The aftershow was at Big Hands down the road, so we scooted there just in time to snag some seats before the bar got totally rammed. Danny turned up and told us all about their recent shows in North America. Apparently people in Montreal call Toronto "Moronto". How come I'd never heard that one? He also told me he'd turned down an interview on Much Music with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, and I told him he'd done the right thing.

Amusing observations: some truly diabolical 80s looks. One girl was wearing tweed culottes (culottes!!), stripey socks and white leather skimmers with a Hoxtafemullet 'do, of course. Another girl had green fishnets, a horrible frayed denim mini covered with self-penned slogans, Annabelle Bow Wow Wow hair and hot pink 80s stilettos. Oh, and one mulletted skinny fellow had his meticulously slashed jeans slung so low, you could almost see his you-know-whats. Although he probably had a brazilian...

Poor Mira was accosted by a group of very forward lesbian ladies who had been chucking bras at her on stage - I hadn't caught that! They just wouldn't take the hint that she wasn't interested and she kept trying to inch away.

Can you tell I am fascinated by people watching? Heh.


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