Monday, March 31, 2003

Every day, I walk through the university campus as a short cut to my afternoon job. There's usually an assortment of protestors (at the moment anyhow), skaters and people handing out crap flyers for crap cheap drink student nights. The people handing them out usually avoid me, which I've always found sort of strange as a)I don't look that old and b) they will normally pry them into the hands of anything with two legs so they can get rid of their stock.

Anyhow, today a young girl handing out stuff actually came up to me, which took me by surprise. I was even more surprised when she chirped "Happy Easter!" and gave me an envelope with that same greeting handwritten on the front, plus a smiley face. Bless, I thought. It's a pack of cheerful students doing a "let's do something nice today for no reason" (Ah, I remember those days. Except I was about six the last time it happened, when I organised a slap-dash parade and begged my mother for candy to hand out to the local kids.) I smiled at her and waited until I got to my office to open it up.

Inside, there was a little chocolate easter egg...and a card that said "Happy Easter from the Christian Union. You are warmly invited to a talk today at 1 pm at Jabez Clegg" (I snarckled when I read that, as Jabby is normally a haven for alcopop fuelled students.) Today's topics are apparently: "Easter: Even better than Christmas?"and "Jesus' resurrection: History or hoax?"

Sneaky huh? I seem to recall seeing other recruits collaring people to tell them they'd get a free lunch in exchange for sitting through one of their talks too, but at least they were upfront about it that time.

Speaking of Jesus, may I present...The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists! (thanks to the bf for the link.)


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