Friday, March 07, 2003


If you weren't watching A Song for Europe contest on Sunday, you might have missed that our representatives this year are a duo called Jemini (and formerly called Tricity). Lovely Chig has some lovely pictures from the day here.

"Cry Baby" is a good little song - my favourite from the initial eight, it sailed through to the top 4 after the Radio 2 vote and just managed to beat Emily Reed's "Help me" when they snapped up the first place votes from northern England and Scotland.

And what I never got around to mentioning here is that I had an extra reason to be plugging Jemini. At my old telly job, one of my co-workers had told me that every year, her friends write a song and enter the Song for Europe contest but had never managed to make the top 8 to reach the public vote. This year, I'd already decided on "Cry baby" as my favourite when I found out that the writer was none other than my co-worker's friend - Martin Isherwood! It's just all so six degrees of separation. And lovely that they finally got through after years of toughing it out. Excuse me for being all Nicky Chapman, but well done!

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