Wednesday, March 19, 2003

And now, my weekend in writing as well.


The journey down to Euston is fairly painless, except for the welts on my shoulders from my bags. And that was after I tried to take the bare essentials, too! I meet the bf who, out of force of habit, leads me onto the northern line instead of heading to Brixton as part of our route to Upper Norwood. It's only when we notice we're at Camden that we curse and scramble off. I am exhausted and a bit cranky, and by the time we've got to Brixton, slogged onto a crowded bus which winds its way slowly to Upper Norwood, I can barely see straight. (This, people, is why I can never, ever live in London, much as I love to visit!)

Knowing that our hosts Pam and Mike will have a warm, cozy flat no doubt stocked with nibbles and beer helps me get through the journey though, and once we've arrived there's conversation and Comic Relief (loved Peter Serafinowicz as Wogan!) until we go to bed.


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