Thursday, February 20, 2003

Sorry, I've been distracted by listing stuff on eBay (hooray for turbo lister!). As usual, I had one pain in the @ss buyer who had bid without realising it was in pounds, not dollars. When I had to tell her that it was going to cost over £8 just to ship her items by surface, I braced myself. Sure enough, Buyer went *very* quiet. But I don't buy "buyer's remorse" as an excuse for not paying, so I used the eBay reminder system which usually does the trick, as they get scared that it'll get them suspended. Sure enough, she paid via Paypal, albeit without any sort of note or greeting despite my always-polite and friendly emails. Sigh.

In other news, I have found a great job to apply for. It's permanent part-time, would mean a nice chunk of more money, 2.5 *less* hours a week and would involve being the office manager for a new, small Manchester branch of a London-based charity, which is exactly the kind of experience I need to keep racking up. Oh, and did I mention the office is going to be very near my house, and that they're willing to be flexible about the hours for the right candidate? The only catch: they deal with a very heavy-duty subject matter, and I do wonder if I'll find it too upsetting depending on how much involvement I would have with the cases. Still, it's too dreamy overall to worry about what might be without getting to the interview stage, so I think I'm going to go for it.

I mean, I've got to really...I'm dying at the afternoon job. The bf said it's like a morgue, and it's true; in desperation, I've been carting in my desktop speakers from home so I can play some cds to keep me from falling asleep. I'm not sure if they're keeping me on because they paid a finder's fee so, damn it, they're going to get their money's worth. Or do they think it's a normal environment? Maybe it is. Come to think of it, every other office in here is exactly like mine...scary.

Of course, it does give me a lot of opportunity to surf, so back to eBay...check this poster! Drool.


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