Friday, February 28, 2003

Last night I stayed up quite late filling out the application form for the job I mentioned before. Like most charities, you have to complete a non-standard form by hand - CVs and covering letters are a definite no. The hardest part is the Statement to Support Your Application, where you have to somehow wade through the person specification and show how it applies to your experience without making it sound generic or long-winded.

And of course, I'd been putting that part off, partly because the latest flu bug wasn't exactly doing wonders for my writing skills. But when I realised the deadline is Monday and it had to get to London, I forced myself to knuckle down last night. Every hour or so, the bf would wander in looking neglected. "I have to GET THIS DONE!" I'd snap hoarsely, and he would retreat. To be honest with you, I was still sort of wacked out on Day Nurse so I can't remember much of what I wrote, but it seemed ok. I forwarded the completed document to the bf's work account so he could print it off and post it by special delivery at lunchtime. Then I stumbled into bed.

(you know what's coming, don't you...?)

This morning, I woke up with such a terrible back ache I could barely stand. My first thought was that I should double check what I'd sent, so I hobbled into the computer room and had a look. The document was EMPTY. I screamed in frustration. I couldn't remember half of what I'd written, and I'd have to cancel my volunteer work to scrape enough time together to get it done.

At times like these, I go into autodrive and just shut myself off from everything to get the job done. So that's what I did, and it's safely on its way. Besides, maybe it was a good thing. I'm sure what I came up with this morning was much better than the Day Nurse prose fantastique from last night.

Wish me luck in getting an interview!


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