Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Customer/shop person relations really baffle me sometimes.

The other day, I went into Love Saves the Day for my one regular indulgence I haven't given up - one of their life saving cappuccinos. In this cold weather, it would be just cruel to eliminate that from my budget too.

Anyhow, that morning it was a girl about my age running the counter. After a cheerful good morning and a bit of banter, she made my coffee and I apologetically paid with a £20 note. I *hate* to do that, because as a former long-time waitress, I know close-to-the-right change etiquette is important, especially for smaller ticket items. But the bank machine had run out of £10 notes, and I honestly didn't have anything else.

The £20 note instantly became a problem. She mentioned she had been getting them all morning (same cash point?) and had to really scrabble for my change. I felt awful, but what could I do besides apologise again and be polite as can be? I even put extra in the tip jar afterwards because I felt like a heel. I made sure to say thank you and 'bye and she seemed fine.

Well. Yesterday morning, I went in for a cappuccino again. This time I made sure I had *plenty* of change! It was the same girl again, so as I approached the counter I gave her a "i know you" kind of friendly good morning. To my surprise, she coolly replied "Yes please?" without even a smile. Not rude, but certainly keeping her distance. Moments later, she burst into giggles and gossip with another regular customer who arrived behind me.

What did I do wrong? I mean, I was apologetic, polite, tipped extra and made sure it didn't happen again - isn't that kinda harsh to send me to customer purgatory? Is it because I can only buy £1.60 coffee now instead of £30 gourmet goodie sprees?



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