Thursday, January 09, 2003

Tonight I'm on my own, so I've been replying to a backlog of emails and trawling round my favourite websites. Browsing through the selection on brian's site, I decided to download a Tracey Ullman mp3 ("They don't know") and instantly fell in love with it all over again. In fact, I've been playing it non-stop all night. It came out in 1984 and I knew it at the time ( I would have been about 9) but I don't remember paying attention to her after that. And I never did like her TV show, even if it was the birthplace of the Simpsons. But the harmonies, crashing piano and the bit where she sings "Baby!" after the instrumental in the middle is enough for me. So I did a bit of research on her discography and hello! Look at how many girl group or 60s songs she's covered. In a way, she did what I'm doing at the moment, except for the small difference that she made a career out of it. Heh. But what a list! Breakway (Jackie DeShannon), Move over darling (Doris Day), Little by little (Dusty), Long live love (Sandie Shaw), Helpless (Kim Weston)... I should really give people more credit. Or not base my opinions on what I thought at age nine.

Speaking of which, my cd is ready. It was done more as a souvenir/promotional item for the Spectropop party, so we're keeping it low key. But you want a copy, just email me and we can figure something out. It's got six songs, all of 'em girl groupy goodness and the cover art features stills from Up The Junction.


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