Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Still ill. Can you believe it?

I was watching The Box this morning with my latte, as I normally do. Bless me if I didn't see a video by Lucy Carr. Now, there's nothing special about the song, which is your typical hi-nrgy fest with our blonde walking around with her lap dog. But quite a long time ago, Popbitch featured Miss Carr's website since she is Peter Stringfellow's girlfriend. Unfortunately, her original site is gone and has been replaced with video clips and slick photos. What a shame! The former site was fantastic and included pages like "How to lapdance for your husband" and scads of point 'n shoot photos of Lucy with all the "celebs" that came to Stringfellows, such as "Me & Curly Watts" (err, his real name's Kevin Kennedy...)

Oh well. At least the diary section of the site is still a good laugh, where you can read about Lucy slogging it out in crap clubs in Stockport and Dundee in an effort to place her single this week.


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