Thursday, January 23, 2003

So yes. I am over the flu, but unfortunately my bank balance didn't recover with me. It's so incredibly boring to be well but skint - so I'll just have to live vicariously through my favourite blogs. Like David's night out yesterday - excellent!

On the plus side my new Fuji digital camera can be picked up on Saturday thanks to a company I won't name, but you scramble 'em for breakfast. I switched our mortgage cover to them since the premium is the same, but they threw in the camera as a bonus. Which means more pics for my blog, a much easier way to sell stuff on eBay and more spontaneity.

And my record player should be arriving any day now, thanks to a bargain off eBay (where else?) It's been *awful* not being able to play my vinyl. I love cds, but most of my favourite records are 7" singles (not to mention that my girl group boys gave me piles of singles last time I was in London, and I haven't even been able to listen to them yet!)

It's been a funny month. I felt really mopey this morning after a particularly gruelling session with my advice guidance tutor. Maybe it was just a sense of release after working like mad to catch up on my modules after the flu bug, but it's also really hard to sit there while someone grades all your work in front of you for two hours. I was completely exhausted afterwards! I'm quite the pro on benefit calculations now though - not that I can claim any, but if anyone needs some help...

And yeah, I know I'm rambling -but this is what spending four hours every afternoon in your office/morgue does to you.


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