Monday, January 27, 2003

Monday - classic or dud?


1. I'm still on a buzz from hearing one of my songs on the Metropolitan Soul show last night (thanks Simon!) (p.s. it broadcasts on the net on various Sundays from 7-9 pm via Soul 24-7.

2. After a tip last week, today at lunch I found a secretive post office near my voluntary work that will make sending parcels a snap. No more evil queues!


1. I am still half asleep.

2. The idiot couriers lost my digital camera and I've had to spend ages today getting a new one sent to me at work instead.

3. The Monday morning bus situation was worse than usual, with about 10 people wanting to buy weekly passes at each stop.

4. It's grey and eerily still outside, which makes me want to go back to sleep even more.

Verdict: not the worst ever, but you can still bring on Tuesday...


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