Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Moments after I wrote the post below, the doorbell rang. The bf and I looked at each other quizzically - who on earth could it be? Still in my pyjamas, I stumbled down and swung open the door to reveal two prim Jehovah ladies, Watchtowers at the ready. The first one looked at me in surprise and in her most saccharine tone of voice, said "Oh, so sorry to get you out of bed..." but this didn't stop her from swiftly starting her "Have you heard of our magazines?" spiel.

I don't have time for Jehovahs in general, but I especially don't have time for presumptuous and frankly *rude* ones who disturb my morning lounging session and ignore the fact that I am standing in my pyjamas, slightly hungover on new year's day. And who expect me to give up some of my precious time off to have a pointless theological discussion. Besides, don't they only go around doing the door to door thing to get brownie points? She ignored me when I said "I'm not interested" and kept trying to talk, so I just repeated myself, more loudly this time and closed the door on them, catching their looks of astonishment on the way.


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