Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I got an email from my friend Sheila (pictured a few posts below) last night, letting me know that a parcel I'd sent to her in NYC last week had arrived. And once again, despite not having talked about specific musical favourites for ages our lives are running in some freaky parallel universe. Kind of like those twins who were adopted separately and met up years later to find out they're both doctors, both have a wife named Betty and love model trains, but much cooler of course.

And here's why. Included on the cd I sent was "everything she said" by t.A.T.u., "heaven" by DJ Sammy and "Something" by Lasgo. Sheila told me that she's a) already obsessed with the t.A.T.u album and b) DJ Sammy and Lasgo were two of her favourite songs over the summer. I need a partner in crime when it comes to secret pop chart pleasures so I was thrilled! While in years before eurodance hits didn't always make it across the pond, that's obviously changed.

She also told me that she loves Tok Tok vs. Soffy O and Annie since her friend Jason plays them in the car all the time. They run a delivery service, so good music to help them deal with NYC traffic is a must. Just thinking about them blaring my cd while running designer furniture around Manhattan makes me smile.


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