Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Head....woozy...*way* too much vodka last night. It got me in a very merry mood though - I think I texted practically everyone in my phonebook to say happy new year. (Note to text receivees - if you wondered why it arrived at 12:45 instead of midnight, it's because lots of other silly drunk people decided to do the same thing and the network was jammed. Of course, I'd like to remind you that my text was classy and worth the wait, while their compositions were probably "HAPY NU YR LUV TRACIE XXXXX")

Anyhow, it was probably one of the nicest stay-at-home new year's I've had in ages. We stuffed ourselves with homemade nachos with all the trimmings, cocktail onion bhajis with my homemade chutney and proper chocolate & fruit fondue. JJ's new scalectrix-esque track got tried out while we listened to 2Unlimited, the Beloved and the Razorcuts. At one point Rachel dug out a Barenaked Ladies album just to wind me up, which provoked me into marching around the living room, pointing at the various band members and slurring "Look at him, he used to turn up at parties in Toronto and stand around waiting to be recognised. He is *such* a twat!" You know, I don't think I've been that drunk in quite some time. Wheeeee!

I'm pleased to say we only watched tv for about 5 minutes at midnight. I have a vague recollection of Jonathan Ross spouting sentimental rubbish and drinking champagne. I could be wrong.

If I can manage it, it's now time to whip up some batter to try out my new waffle machine (thank you Prima, for your cheap and cheerful appliances!) and a couple of cappucinos... and then later, I might finally get those other posts done.