Thursday, January 02, 2003

Don't you just hate stealth stress? Oy vey.

I haven't mentioned this yet I think, but on Saturday I'm performing again at the next London Spectropop party. This time, we were hoping to have cds of the songs recorded during my pre-christmas session ready in time for the record table. This has turned out to be more complicated than I had ever wanted it to be. First of all, I feel guilty that Phil has been trying to finish the mixes while juggling party arrangements, actual clients and holiday guests. But worst of all, I think I've managed to insult the friend of a friend who agreed to design a sleeve. I would have done it myself, but I've still not managed to get Quark running on the new computer (incompatible keyboard, apparently) so my other choices are AOLesque programmes loaded with dorky flowery/theatrical mask templates. To make a long story short, a mountain of crossed wires has resulted in having to scrap the design (the image wasn't right) and me having to use cruddy ol' MS Publisher to whip something together since our volunteer hasn't got time to make changes. But what really bothers me is that he now probably thinks I'm a fussy, ungrateful cow. Sigh. Maybe if I ply him with drink on Saturday, he'll forgive me.

*And* my new deadstock go go boots, an eBay christmas present from the bf, haven't turned up yet so I might have to resort to Outfit B.

I know, I priorities are really shallow today. A girl's entitled to have a few shallow priority days, isn't she?


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