Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Puzzah Update

Although I know for a fact that one person who reads my blog doesn't care, I'm going to fill you in on Charlotte. We picked her up from the vet last night - she was surprisingly chipper despite having had major surgery and about 20 stitches down her abdomen. She just wanted to get HOME! Anyhow, we won't have the biopsy results until tomorrow, but by all accounts it appears to be an infection that could be treated with steroids and antibiotics. One of her kidneys has also packed in, but like humans, cats can survive on just the one. I know this doesn't all sounds particularly healthy, but she settled right back in once we got home and has been eating and demanding attention as usual.

All the trauma didn't stop us from giggling when we saw her paw that had the drip in it though - it's currently doubled in size and looks like one of those fake foam hands that people wear to sporting events a la Homer Simpson - hence Tag repeating "We're #1!" at her all night. Awww.


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