Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I'm at work, watching the seconds tick away until I can leave. I *know* I technically had to come in since I didn't have enough holiday left to take the day off, but it also seems stupid to make someone come in just in case the phone might ring (and trust me, it won't). Oh well.

In Christmassy news, I'd like to thank my Secret Santa for their excellent taste by choosing Ripples 8 from my wish list. It's the latest installment of a fantastic series of British takes on California sunshine pop. Whoever sent it even plumped for Amazon's gift wrapping service, which was a nice surprise (I must confess I didn't - sorry!). Maybe I shouldn't have opened it until tomorow, but I was desperate to open something! I should get an email tomorrow letting me know who it is. Anyhow, 541 people signed up for it this year which is pretty staggering. I was a bit dubious, not having done it before - but y'know what? It's kind of restored my faith in these kinds of things.

In other christmassy news, I have decided to take up knitting. My mother will be overjoyed, since she has been a knitting pro forever, and I'm certain she despaired that none of her three daughters took to it. Unlike her other prowesses, like cooking and sewing (both of which I've become pretty good at) when it came to knitting I just couldn't get it. My one attempt (a barbie scarf) turned into a mess so I gave up. However lately I've been thinking how cool it would be to knit my own fishnets (my mom has an old pattern from the 60s for that!) so it's my new hobby. And hey, if I get stuck I can always ask Faustus, MD for help!

Anyhow, a very happy holiday to you all. xxxx


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