Monday, December 16, 2002

Grrrrr. I wrote a post last night about London, but Blogger had it for dinner. Anyhow! I've got a short break at home before running out to meet a friend for coffee in town, so here I am again.

The fatigue factor of this trip was definitely lower than usual. I've decided it's partly because I'm not as stressed these days, and partly because we didn't attempt any shopping in the centre.

Friday was spent pottering around our hosts' neighbourhood (Upper Norwood/Crystal Palace) at the Hayes Lane antique market, where we scored a fantastic space age Russian wall clock. Later on, I cooked a thank-you meal for Pam & Mike and had a wonderful night of catching up on gossip and relaxing with plenty of beer and music. I rolled into bed at about 2 am, tired as anything - but then woke up at about 6 am feeling kinda nervous about the day ahead. Drats! I lay around until I heard signs of life and ventured out for coffee and chit chat until it was time to go and meet Mick at Victoria to head over to Phil's.

It would be cheesy to go on too much about how much I enjoyed recording stuff that day, but let's just say a cheshire cat grin was rarely off my face. My voice, for lack of a better description, is probably what you would call "pretty" rather than growly soul power madam. However I'm concious of not wanting to sound twee, and I'd been practicing every night so I felt really prepared to do my own thing. And you know what? I think the fact that we managed to whip six songs into shape in the course of one afternoon is pretty amazing. I was so tired afterwards that dinner and the playback of rough mixes afterwards kind seemed like they were happening somewhere else. I kept thinking "Is that me????"

One long mini cab ride home later with a cd tucked safely in my pocket, I scuttled through the rain back to Pam & Mike's, where I promptly collapsed on the sofa while Pam made countless jars of chutney with my cd playing again in the background. How seasonal!


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