Thursday, December 05, 2002

Darn. The Ladytron gig tonight in Sheffield has been cancelled. They've been invited to perform on that new Sarah Cox show Born Sloppy. This has cast the deciding vote of whether or not to watch it. On the plus side, the opening theme features the slightly-overhyped-yet-still-cute punk rock kittens dancing to the White Stripes. On the negative side, Sarah Cox and Colin Murray (he of the dire R.I.S.E morning torture) are the hosts. If she says "Eh laaady" even once, I will be tempted to hurl the remote through the screen. But maybe after the 'Trrron play.

Besides, I'll have to set t'video as we're seeing lovely lovely Peter Kay at the Lowry tomorrow night. I can't believe that doing the same routine for about 4 months non-stop hasn't killed him yet, but here's hoping it'll still be hilarious. I demand to laugh! (especially after the season finale of Six Feet Under...god, I was weepy all night!)

Goodies. If you've got a Nokia, you can get the Phoenix Nights ring tone here. I have an Alcatel, so I'll treat myself to a "T'internet" mouse mat or "Fancy a brew?" mug from the merchandise stall instead.


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