Friday, December 20, 2002

A Christmas miracle...

This morning, I popped into my voluntary work office to say hi to everyone before the christmas break. About a half hour after I arrived, I looked in my handbag and was horrified to discover the contents floating in several inches of water. Somehow my water bottle had leaked, and because it's a vinyl bag, it just collected in the bottom. Expletives danced in my head as I fished out my wallet, switch/credit cards and my mobile. I grabbed that first and took it all apart - water actually *poured* out from the inside. I dried everything off, put it all back together and tried to switch it on - but all I got was a series of 4 ominous beeps which were obviously telling me "you...f*&". Panic. Of all the days, this was the worst one to not have my mobile. I had people to meet for lunch (admittedly, I don't really care as it's a work related "party") but far worse, one of my friends is coming into town from outside Manchester and I said I would ring them this afternoon to arrange where to meet up. Mega panic!

The only thing I can think of is that there's a Virgin mobile shop on King Street that might be able to help. And you know what? I'd like to thank the extremely fabulous assistant there (I never got his name!), an affable, slightly scruffy manc indie boy who totally made my day. After listening sympathetically to my story, he took the remnants of my soggy phone, checked my sim card and reported it was fine (thank GOD!) - and then he told me I could have a reconditioned model for £20. I nearly fell over. No hard sell to convince me to upgrade to some flash new model or change my airtime package. Not even "That'll be £60 for the replacement handset", which is what I paid for it initially. Just "Yeah, don't worry, you can have the same phone for £20 cos we've got reconditioned ones that are pretty much like new." He also gave me a post-paid bag so I could mail the dead phone away to be recycled. I actually told him how helpful he'd been, something I rarely do.

Now I'm at work, my new phone (which is actually in much better condition than my old one after nearly 2 years of use) is charging up and my social life is saved. Well, I never made the lunch - when I called into work to check that people had left, it transpired that the only person who would be there too was the person in the story below. So needless to say, I didn't show.


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