Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Blah. Brain a bit shot. I'm on a course that runs on random days throughout December, as part of my advice training. I'm also swamped with eBay sales - you always forget that inevitably, a few people are going to a pain - no payment turning up after the initial promise, or even worse, no contact at all! Oddly enough, the people I'm having to chase are for small ticket items - the big spenders on the Saint Etienne fan club cds paid on the spot. Anyhow, I've filed a NPB (non-paying bidder) complaint to try and scare a couple of them into coughing up. I want my TWO DOLLARS! (ba da bing! I've wanted to reference that movie for aaaaages...and this has also reminded me to add it to my wish list!)

On Thursday, we're off to London for the weekend. No money to shop at Super Lovers or Harvey Nicks (ok, all I ever used to do was buy stuff from the food hall...) but I don't care. I'm kind of happy not to be such a consumer these days. Spending makes me edgy. Anyhow, there are two reasons I'm visiting. One: to catch up with our hosts, two very good friends who we don't get to see as often as we like due to all of us penny pinching at the moment. London might be only 3 hours away by train, but try getting a cheap train ticket these days!

Second, I'll finally be getting the chance to record some of the 60s songs I've been performing in the last 4 months at my friend Phil's studio. I haven't done any serious recording for at least 5 years, and it's really just a fun experiment - putting as many vocals down as we can over the original backing tracks to make a cd for friends. I have no idea how it's going to turn out. The thing is, when you sing, you can only hear a fraction of what you actually sound like. I'm really looking forward to having a permanent souvenir. And who knows? I could break into doing Phoenix Nights or the launch of a new Asda - the possibilities are endless...

Speaking of that show, Peter Kay on Friday was flawless. Completely. I laughed so much, my throat hurt until the next morning. Tag bought a mouse mat, mug, souvenir programme/cd and heaps of other merchandise for some of his co-workers who couldn't get tickets. Total spend: quite a lot. Suddenly, the vendor shouted "£61 going in" and everyone clapped and cheered. Later on during the show, it all made sense. And hooray, my link searching revealed that Dave Spikey (aka Jerry St. Clair) has a stand up tour starting in February...


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