Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ahhhh...I love Christmas. I especially love Christmas when I can beat the rush. So excuse me while I go all Martha Stewart on you (again)...

Last year, you could not get fresh cranberries or herbs by the 24th. I must have gone round every shop within a 2 mile radius of my house, but was met with a disbelieving cackle every time I asked "sage...?" cautiously before fleeing in despair. If there was anything left (and it was always the one herb you didn't really need, but you start to believe you can "improvise") you'd have to get into a fight with some other shopper (much like the Cabbage Patch Kid riots in 1983 - yes, my mom was one of those who battled it out in the malls!)

So today, I had the morning off and decided to get all my food shopping done. I am now the proud owner of all the fresh basil, bay leaves, thyme, sage and parsley a girl could want. My fridge is stocked with cranberries and posh cheese, my freezer is full of fresh bread from my fantastic local deli, the Barbakan (just had one of their cheese and onion bagels, which was WRONG) and my cupboards are stuffed with nice nibbles for our christmas eve guests. I've got butter softening for one last big batch of my secret shortbread recipe to whip up tonight, and the tree is decorated. I'm just waiting for a few gifts to turn up in the post and I'll be sorted!

Oh yeah, here's a very silly seasonal game to play in the office before they let you go home. Hic!


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