Monday, November 18, 2002

Slow Fizz - the Sh-Boom-Run-Down-Down

*blink* Has it been over a week, already? So sorry. To keep things nice 'n sweet, here's a brief run down of events from the night.

Friday 8th, 3:30 PM. Get call from Waldorf manager who now tells me we can't get into the venue early to decorate and soundcheck because the police have advised them to shut for the afternoon. Why? Because Manchester (scum) United are playing Man City, and there might be lager lout trouble after the match. Have a mild heart attack but am reassured by manager that the equipment will be fine and I can get in at 7 pm instead. Text all my DJs madly and hope I don't miss anyone.

Saturday 9th, 12 noon. Arrive at salon to have my hair done. Bit scared of the massive red lacquered talons and the clouds of mousse clawing through my hair, but decide to have faith. Nearly fall asleep under the vintage hairdryer - one hour at what feels like 40 degrees celsius! Just before I'm done, I hear that City have beat United 3-1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

3 pm. Run frantically around the house trying to choose a dress and get everything I need in one pile so nothing's left behind.

4 pm. DJ Mick P calls. He is outside the venue and obviously didn't get my message. Feel like a heel.

5 pm. Anna arrives to drop off her stuff and finish getting ready. Feed the bf and guest - too nervous to eat myself!

6:30 pm Load up taxi and head for the venue.

7 pm Venue staff complain that I am early, despite having cleared it, oh, about 5 times with the manager.

7:10 pm The sound system seems to be ok, until we walk around the room and realise that only one out of the 3 speakers has anything coming out of it. The bf and I stare desperately at the mixer, willing it to work. Start to feel dizzy and hope that technical whiz Phil arrives soon.

7:20 Start to decorate. Realise I have forgotten blue tack to put up my 60s sheet music creations. Make a mad dash to Spar.

7:30 Sound system still hopeless, but Phil turns up with my other Spectropopper DJs. He starts dragging out wires and leads, trying to fix the patching. The speakers seem to delight in taking turns to work, or working simultaneously for 10 seconds before fizzing out. I get the manager to see if he can help. He reluctantly comes in, claims "it were fine last night" and has a half hearted look at the system before walking away, but not before reminding me that I have to pay him in cash later on. We're furious, but Phil the star keeps trying to work something out.

8 pm No joy. Friends are starting to arrive. I am sat at a table with Anna, Jon/Anna and the bf staring at the ground in despair. I don't know if I'm going to faint, start hyperventilating or cry. Probably all three. Although I know it's not my fault, I can't help but feel responsible.

8:30 pm HURRAH! Phil has somehow begged, borrowed and stolen us a system that works. I don't know how, but I can tell from his cheeky grin that he's had to change quite a lot. The manager might not be happy about it, but do I care?

8 - 11 pm Mick, Ian, the bf and Simon DJ up a storm while I run the door. I gulp down a couple of drinks and start to relax. Lots of new faces which is nice! And lots of friends, too - I'm particularly excited to finally meet Carole, who you might remember sent me those pics of her and Dusty back in August. She and her friend Michael are as lovely and chatty as I'd expected, and I have a ball modelling her Dusty mini and making Mick try it too.

11 pm Do my set, which includes a couple of new songs by Felice Taylor (I feel love comin' on and It may be winter) and a gorgeous wintry homage to Spector's christmas album, Lisa Mychols' 'Lost winter's dream'. I'm actually not nervous at all - in fact I feel incredibly comfortable. The crowd seems to enjoy it too...

11:30 - 2 am Declan M, Declan A, Ian, Mick and Tag all carry on DJing. I know, I was supposed to as well! But we got off to a late start and I was just so relieved to have everything working that I took a back seat to make sure everything else went smoothly. Besides, it means I get to dance! The dance floor is rarely empty after my set, which is cool. Loads of people come up to ask when the next one will be. Maybe Valentine's? A couple of people beg for a christmas party and I laugh out loud (but not unkindly!)

2 am Pay the manager and take down our decorations. I'm pleased to see that the blue tack has taken some of his wallpaper with it. Serves him right! We all run out when we see him starting to poke through the PA system in case he gets mad.

2:15 am. Crud. We didn't pre-book a taxi in case things went pear-shaped, so we have to queue at Piccadilly station in the rain. The promise of tea, toast and a (gas) fire helps us get through the wait. Get home and tuck in.

4 am Bed. Sweet sweet bed. Feel kind of sad that's it all over - these things serve to bring big groups of friends together as well as a fun night out, and I always feel like there's not enough time to talk to everyone as much as I'd ....zzzzzzzzzz.


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