Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Let's start the party again...

OK, you'll have to forgive me for writing so much about my club night but hey, it *is* happening in 3 days!

Some nice plugs today. The first from a friend - lovely Mike over at Troubled Diva has put together a gorgeous little post with pics from Smashing Time (I'll be happy if my hair turns out a bit like Lynn Redgrave's actually!) Cheers honey.

And we made City Life! A nice juicy seven-line listing, *and* Tiger Lounge (horrid kitschy club) gets slated on the same page in the print version. Ha! I think I forgot to mention that the club editor called me the other week to say he loved the idea and promised to try for a feature if we do another one.

(NB - Phil Chapman isn't DJing - I mentioned him in the press release because he's sorted the backing tracks, but somehow his name got tacked on the list. Ah well.)

I also *finally* found a hairdresser near my house that is happy to do an old school roller set and tease/lacquer my hair into a 60s creation. At £25, it's not exactly cheap, but it will save me the hassle of rushing across town and trying to do my hair at the club before we open. I won't have the Actionettes there to help this time, so it's worth every penny if you ask me.

It's just struck me that I sound vaguely like that horrible leading-up-to-the-wedding column from the Guardian that ran every Saturday until she finally (thankfully!) said I do. Y'know, it was entries like:

"Must find some organic flowers for the bridesmaids, so I visited my PS (personal shopper, natch) at Harvey Nicks who put me in touch with the most *darling* mail order company. Even the ribbon they use for hand-tying is fairtrade!"


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