Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I just got the weirdest call here at work.

Hello! I need to talk to your top business manager! (dozens of voices chattering away in the background, sounds like he's in a tin can - might be one of those call centres in India I've heard about...)

Me: (bored already, I hate cold calls) What is it regarding?

(ploughs on with his bizarre script) I need to give him business! I am calling on behalf of the 125 TOP marketing companies!! This is an EXCELLENT opportunity NOT to be missed!

Me: You'll have to call our head office. (give him the number reluctantly)

And what is the top business manager's name please? Have you got HIS name? What is HE called?

I'm instantly annoyed that HE assumed IT'S a man, so I give him the name of our office manager, who is a WOMAN.


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