Friday, November 22, 2002

Bit of a re-design for you - I've recently aquired a battered old Thank Your Lucky Stars book packed with great photos, and this Francoise one took my fancy. Maybe I'll start a rotating set, like David from Swish Cottage!

Anyhow, I'm trying to keep busy. Charlotte, our eldest cat (10 1/2) is in the vet's today having a series of tests to check out her liver after the vet checked her out at her annual vaccination yesterday. We have no idea how serious or simple it will all turn out to be, and the bf is particularly upset since he got her from a kitten, a long time before I moved over. We've been landed with some pretty hefty vet bills too, so I spent about 5 hours last night listing records on eBay. It's amazing - I have at least 100 things to list, if not more, but when you look at our collection it doesn't look any different. Bids are already coming in, especially for the Saint Etienne fan club only cds I put on. In case anyone's interested, have a look at my list - I'll be adding things continuously over the week including soul/girl group singles, indie stuff, etc.


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