Friday, October 11, 2002

Where has the week gone? Ho hum.

I forgot to say that this week's Life Laundry (Wednesdays 8PM, BBC2) was particularly apt. In most previous programmes, it's been people hoarding junk - actual sacks of rubbish stashed in the attic, piles and piles of random dusty stuff and papers that gives you a headache just looking at it. So in come the experts who convince them to chuck it all away and sell what they can at a car boot. Usually discover they are secretly holding onto their mother's memory or some other past trauma, which they cure by first creating a "haven" for them in their bedroom and getting them to toss the last of the junk in a crusher. And hey presto, one less junkaholic in the world (for a while anyhow!)

But this week was an obsessive collector. Specifically, a 50s and 60s collectables addict like me. My immediate reaction was indignation and panic. The thought of all those Gorgeous Things being mauled to death in a crusher, or worse yet, sold off for 10p at a car boot made me want to cry. When they first entered his house, I nearly stopped breathing - there was a vase to match my Hornsea bowl I have on the coffee table! Lines of crockery I'd never ever seen before! A huge, pink bakelite hairdryer that you sit under! Aaaaaaagh!

Of course, we had our differences. I don't have 100 soda siphons taking over my bedroom, or doubles/triples of everything "just in case". I display my favourite pieces properly and usually sell off what I've moved on from - eventually I want my house to look like a 1950s showcase. He was particularly attached to the UGLIEST Pifco sunlamp you'd ever seen, but hey, I guess someone needs to love them.

Anyhow I was very happy to see that the producers had some concept of the value of his stuff, and with their help he managed to sell £445 worth (roughly 10% of his spare collection) at a antiques fair. Riveting stuff!


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