Monday, October 07, 2002

Well I *was* going to post some photos from last night's Saint Etienne show at the Ritz, but my rubbish little digital camera can obviously only handle objects that are exactly 4 feet away. Which is a shame, because I especially wanted to show everyone Wildflower, the girl who raps on St E's forthcoming single "Soft Like Me". She was so cute!

The other best songs of the evening were Burnt Out Car, New Thing (which sounds even better live!) and Like a Motorway.

Sadly we missed all but 30 seconds of Broadcast's set because of the Sunday curfew (10:30 finish!). Since we were upstairs, we at least managed to glimpse one of Broadcast's crew doing manual film imagery using bits of cardboard in time with the music - very cool.

Much chatting and beer consumption ensued down in the basement of the Ritz, until we were all kicked out by their horrible bouncers. Back to ours for more drinks, plenty of vinyl and some 60s girl group footage, and before I knew it, it was 3:30 AM. Not so good when you have to work on Monday. So I may or may not have called in sick, and I might or might not feel guilty about it - after all, it's so rare to have so many friends in town at once.

In other very happy news, my pining away for a Herrmann & Kleine show has turned into delight as we've just found out that they're playing in Liege the day we arrive in Brussels. Of course, this means we have to catch a train to Liege as soon as we've arrived. We'll also have to fork out for a hotel in Liege because the last train goes back at 11:30 PM, and Thaddi from H&K has kindly written back to the bf to say they'll be on at about midnight. But we've already paid so little for the whole deal through Air Miles that it's not really that extravagant, or so we're telling ourselves. Hooray!


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