Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Do you ever get on a bus and think "Hmmmm. I'm clearly going to be late for work..." as soon as you walk on?

It's funny, but sometimes I know the moment I set foot on our beloved Stagecoach services if the journey to town is going to take 35 minutes instead of the usual 15-20. Here, in no particular order, are some of my pet peeves where bus drivers are concerned:

1. Sunday Driver. The kind that plods along at 25 mph, *never* goes through a yellow light and stops for falling leaves. Listen: we all want to get to work, and you want your coffee break! I dare you to drive at the speed limit!

2. Mr. Prissy Rule Enforcer. He'll stop every student for their ID card and shout at people who've flashed their bus passes to come back so he can inspect them. You may not be able to lord much power from a 3x3 compartment, but he'll be damned if you can stop him! I saw one this morning who refused to drive on when a girl whizzed past and said "I'll just go dig out my pass". They got into a massive row - granted, she was a stroppy cow too, but in the end he forced her to pay because she couldn't produce her pass on the spot. As soon as she sat down, it fell out of her handbag. This little drama took at least 5 minutes!

3. Mr. Who-Pissed-On-My-Cornflakes, who feels the need to get into a massive argument with a passenger because they dare to pay for a weekly pass (£7.30) without exact change. Manchester bus drivers NEVER seem to have change, but you can't buy tickets or passes from anywhere except the Travel Shop in Piccadilly Gardens. I have actually walked a couple of extra blocks to find a shop where I can make a small purchase to get some change to save myself going through this ordeal!


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