Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Catch the breeze...

I never thought I'd be saying this...but I've got Shoegazing Nostalgia!

Yes, like most mid teens in North America, the shoegazing bug bit me bad back in 1990. My walls were plastered with tatty clippings from the NME and Melody Maker and I ached for the day where I could live in London and, y'know, be *near* to all my favourite bands. We all thought the streets of Camden would be paved with Andy Bells and Miki Berenyis. Ahem.

As time went on, like C86 and all things twee, the shoegazing tag became more and more uncool. A lot of my records were sold to see me through uni and the clippings laid to rest in boxes in the garage attic. I discovered my love of girl groups and didn't really look back.

But for some reason, last week I got this craving to listen to Slowdive's "Souvlaki" album. I started thinking about that period of my life, and remembered how fantastic it was sometimes. Like dancing in my friend's bedroom to "Soon" by My Bloody Valentine, the volume so loud the walls were shaking and her brother came to scream at us. Making out to Chapterhouse (eeek!). Walking for hours around Toronto, my pockets lined with cassette after cassette of Ride, Moose and all the rest. But now, all I wanted to hear was "Alison" from Souvlaki. I don't know why.

Anyhow, I smugly thought that I would be able to pick it up for a few quid on eBay. To my horror I've discovered that many other people seem to have had the same idea as me, because let me tell you, there is a shoegazing bidding war going down!

One copy, including the bonus "Blue Day" mini-cd is already up to £17 with 5 days to go. A copy of Pygmalion, their last proper album that I barely listened to and probably sold for $10 at the time, is going for £50! Sigh. Can anyone burn me a copy?

Oh yeah, the search brought up some other cds I hadn't thought about in ages...anyone remember Blind Mr. Jones? I didn't think so!


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