Thursday, October 17, 2002

And you thought Delia showing us how to make hard-boiled eggs on her last series was stupid...

And more Epicurious stupidity for you - this is the complaint posted by one woman who tried an apple pie recipe:

A Cook from Pittsburgh, PA on 10/14/02

This recipe is a disaster just waiting to happen. Since the good folks at "conveniently" omitted the "Pastry Dough" dough recipe (which was hyperlinked - ed.) I am the laughing stock of my neighborhood. I thought that using pancake batter would be a good substitute for "pastry dough," but boy oh boy was I wrong. What was supposed to be a special dessert for the Mayor of my town turned out to be a disgusting mess. The "pie" as they call it, was not pie but a burned, cement-like, non-flaky, too-sweet, wouldn't feed it to my worst enemy, MESS! How DARE Epicurious publish such a so-called "recipe." I'm immediately canceling my subscription. As for the Mayor, he brought up my "pie" at a City Council meeting and now I may have to "move" due to the "shame" and "humiliation."

Ding ding ding! All aboard the troll express!


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