Sunday, September 15, 2002

Yesterday was a very productive day. From things that are really only personally satisfying (putting up that shelf in the kitchen at last and baking a gorgeous swiss chard tart) to those of a grander nature (finally getting a venue booked for my club - more on that soon!), it was one of those occasions where I felt like I truly used every minute wisely.

Later on in the evening, Oasis were playing at the Old Trafford Cricket Club (sorry! I mean the Lancashire Cricket Club, as per Oasis' rider demand...) It's quite near to our house, so we stood outside to listen for a bit. However, I'm not an Oasis fan so after a bit of "Live Forever" it was time to go in....

And listen to Lucky Pierre's new album Hypnogogia. Now, when the bf bought it in town yesterday, I was highly dubious. A solo project from Aidan of Arab Strap? No thanks. Arab Strap have always left me a bit cold, with the exception of "Hayfever" and a couple of remixes - otherwise I found them overly dark, with not enough melody to keep things bittersweet.

But I shouldn't be such a sceptic, because it's fantastic! If you, like me, are pining away waiting for a new Bent record, then this is for you. I'm crap at trying to describe all I'll say is that I was seriously stopped in my tracks at how gorgeous it is.


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