Wednesday, September 04, 2002

My stats were pretty pathetic today - that made me feel strangely sad. Am I boring everyone? Hmm.

Anyhow, I haven't really said much about my new job yet. This is partly because I specifically chose a fairly straightforward, low-stress place so I can pursue my volunteer training with minimum fuss. That said, it's a weird place in its own right. Down the hall from me is a Flavour and Fragrances lab, and when I arrived this afternoon the whole building smelled like mint, but in a horrible disinfectant way. It made my eyes itch and I felt a bit nauseated. A few hours later, the smell changed to boiled cauliflower. Now that was *really* gross. Those who have read my About Me page know how cauliflower makes me gag to the max. People, it smells like old socks!! The weird thing is, the guy who works in the F & F lab all day listens to Aretha Franklin while he concocts Eau de Cauliflower and Essence of Minty Domestos. Is that what he thought he would end up doing when he was at uni?


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