Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Last night's programme on C4, The Showbiz Set, was surprisingly good. This episode, one of three in the series, explores the birth of television and its first stars and casualties. I'm always up for some pop culture history, although I hate to see wrinkled stars rolled out for quotes like "F*cking didn't start in 1963!" (thanks, Dennis Norden. But why 1963?) However, it's a great way for me to learn more about my adopted home. Names like Diana Dors meant little to me - she appeared to basically be the Jordan of the 60s, although cannier. Here she is:

I also love seeing old television channel promos, like the one for the BBC with dancers flouncing round while a woman sings:

"Three pounds isn't much to pay....for something new everyday!"

I forgot to explain that the above is an old TV license promo, but you probably guessed that already!

Next week's episode will be even better as they move onto the sixties... set your video! I hope they show lots of clips from Just For Fun, Ready Steady Go, Jukebox Jury and A Whole Scene Going. Well, a girl can dream!

If you're interested in old UK TV programmes, have a look round Sixties City for lots of information and photos.


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