Thursday, September 12, 2002

Have I mentioned how much I love hitting the charity shops? But today honey, I was on FIRE!

First stop: Oxfam. I'd spotted a cool cream & red enamel 1950s coffee pot the night before and swung by to snap it up. Price, a cool £1.29. Onwards!

The PDSA. Sometimes I think the same handful local grannies cart their stuff in here because the puppies and kittens staring from the window send subliminal messages. Today, I found a 50s Eames silver plated ashtray with atomic etchings (design centre tag still attached), 29p. 1950s flower arrangement helpers (still in their cool box!), 29p. And some 7" singles - normally plowing through mountains of tattered Elaine Paige singles is too much for me, but I was drawn to some unusual picture sleeves propped in a corner. One single was by I Corvi, who appeared to be a 1960s italian beat band with snappy suits and shaggy haircuts. Another single "Be young, be foolish, be happy" by The Tams looked interesting so I bought them both at 29 p each.

Back home, my Record Collector bible told me that the Tams single is worth £10, and I found the I Corvi single selling on eBay for $15 - without a picture sleeve! I might keep the Tams single since it's quite an upbeat soul dancer, but I can make a bit of money off the Italian single. But we're not done yet!

Help The Aged. There, on the crockery shelf, is a 1930s 1 pint Sadler Kleen Ware storage jar. Price: 74p! I've been wanting one for ages but since they often go for over £30 on eBay... Sure, there's a chip in the lid but at that price, it's a great start to a collection. But there's more!

RSPCA. There, on the wall, are a gorgeous pair of 1960s plimsolls - white, with little red bows and tiny red stripes around the base. In absolute virginal condition. How cute are these going to look with a 60s sweater and white capri trousers? They're exactly my size, and they're only £1. I practically hyperventilate my way to the till...

So yes, I *am* feeling rather pleased with myself today!


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