Thursday, September 26, 2002

Crud. I'm about to get a cold or flu - I can just *feel* it. Itchy eyes, swimmy head, constant sneezing. It's off someone at work, too - which is supremely unfair considering I'm only there 4 hours a day and there are 4 employees! You would have thought the odds would be on my side.

And of course, this makes me irritable. Which leads me to this: today is the result of the Best British Blog competition. I had fairly forgotten it until rumblings started up again last week, but having had a snoop round the results, it's all a bit... so what? For all the hype that surrounded the competition, they could have splashed out a bit more with the results. Text only pages send me to sleep! Although I do think it's nice that the winner, Scary Duck, is buying a new boiler with his winnings. What else? Having two news/politics-heavy blogs as the runners up strikes me as strange, but that's *definitely* just my own opinion since I tend to read personality driven blogs that are low on linkage. Which probably just goes to show that any blog competition is a bit pointless, considering how many different kinds there are...


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