Sunday, September 08, 2002

Aaaaargh! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with selling on eBay. Every once in a while I get a real BEE-YOTCH who makes my blood boil. Take this one lady, for example. She snaps up a book I'm selling for a song - £3. It's practically new and cost me a lot more at the time. One day after the auction finishes, I send her an email with the total including postage, and ask for a cheque to be sent to my address.

Well! If I don't get a snippy email back telling me that £3 for postage seems excessive for an item that costs £3, and that she's sent a Billpoint reminder because she doesn't want to pay by cheque - so she can have the book quicker. Excuse me, but "Would it be ok if I paid by Billpoint, because I'm really keen to get the book" would go a long way. And I'm not Amazon - I don't get corporate postage rates!

I've written back to tell her why it's £3 (it's heavy and will actually cost that!) but there was so much more I was dying to say... like *cheapskate* or *impatient cow* perhaps? I'm just going to get her out of my hair and not leave her any feedback.

And I definitely didn't need this on a morning when I'm feeling a little fragile after a San Miguel and record listening marathon with the bf last night...


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