Thursday, August 08, 2002

On the bus at lunchtime, an eccentric old man got on in Whalley Range. He had a white magic wand that was taped up in the middle to keep it together, which he seemed to use as a mithering stick.

Tap tap tap on the driver's window. "When's your next bus, tomorrow?" he cried. "I've been waiting here since 11:30!" (about an hour, somewhat unlikely but then again Manchester buses aren't exactly known for their punctuality...)

Of course, the fact that *he'd* been waiting meant we had to all wait to hear him complain. Umm, wouldn't he like to get going, instead of taking even more time up by ranting? Apparently not.

But then, in true Manc fashion, a gobby girl behind him shouted "Excuse me!" in her northern nasal dulcet tones and forced him to take a seat. Sometimes I forget why I love Manchester.


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