Tuesday, August 20, 2002

OK...here we go. They didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but that's point 'n shoot quality for you. If I get some better ones, I'll post those too!

"Umm...interlude bit in the middle...guess I should dance!"

"Spring is knockin' on a winter's door, and that's how it goes..."

Me with the lovely Actionettes in our "be my baby" routine

You'll notice that I didn't manage to get The Hairstyle sorted out. This was purely down to the fact that a) I had to travel from near Peckham to Shepherd's Bush, which took nearly an hour and a half and b) it was 31 degrees all weekend, which plays mayhem with the important things in life like liquid eyeliner and hair volume. Luckily one of the Actionettes was a whiz with hairspray and a brush, and we managed to get a sort of bouffante going. Huzzah!

I was feeling pretty shy & a bit nervous at the beginning of the night, it has to be said. But after dancing along with the Actionettes to some 60s videos downstairs (and let's be honest, the 4 or 5 San Miguels helped too), I felt ready to go. The Actionettes started with a couple of routines, including an amazing one to "Love Power" by Dusty. And then it was time for me...

There was no stage, so it was slightly disconcerting to have the crowd watching you from 6 feet away - which is probably why the ol' voice wobbled in my opening line... "On many things I'm mistaken/Like a fool before I've been taken/The lies he told me to cover/Times that he was out with another..." but then all the practicing kicked in and wahey! I was loving it. The unexpectedly adoring audience boosted my confidence too, so by the end I was giving them cheeky winks and all the moves I'd copied from my idolettes. By the time I went back on for the finale with the Actionettes, I was having a blast and it all seemed over too soon.

For the rest of the night, I was treated like a princess. When I was younger, I NEVER got to be the belle of the ball, so it was pretty mindblowing.

We were just one part of the evening though, which also included a mini record fair, original 60s videos on a loop downstairs, and some wonderful DJing upstairs in the bar. The bf was happy to pick up an Ann Margret/Lee Hazlewood single he's been looking for, while I scored a fantastic copy of Connie Francis' "don't ever leave me" (an Ellie Greenwich song!) complete with a picture sleeve.

If you're interested in reading some accounts of the evening, go here (just click on Messages).

p.s. The Actionettes' own club night, Sophisticated Boom Boom, is happening again on Saturday, 31st August at the Garage in Islington. I'll be there come what may!


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