Tuesday, August 27, 2002

My first all-nighter!

OK, so we only lasted until 3 am. But it was fantastic, because I'd been dying to go to one of the Ritz all-nighters for years now. In fact, I'd never been to the Ritz! These days, it's mainly host to cheesy 70s and student nights - just drive past on any Saturday and you're bound to see packs of tarty girls fighting over taxis and being sick in the gutter. But as a venue, I have to say it's brilliant. From the sprung dance floor to the upper balcony where you can relax with a drink and watch the dancers to the carpeted ladies room, I was thrilled with every bit of it. There's even a food stall where you can grab a chip butty. Mmmm.

Anyhow, some of my favourite people watching moments...

1. The old school enthusiasts decked out in their original 70s baggy trousers - not like flares, but wide and straight-legged.

2. The array of rucksacks proudly left on the stage by the dance floor - each of them covered with northern soul patches.

3. The Welsh northern soul contingent, with their cool rockabilly jeans and bowling shirts with enormous dragons on the back.

4. The car we saw with a customised windscreen adorned with famous soul logos - from Stax to OKeh!

I was worried that we'd be elbowed off the dance floor by the better dancers, as I'd once read about in Soul Survivors: The Wigan Casino Story, but I needn't have worried. Everyone was friendly, and our little moves were actually better than some I noticed around us - aided, no doubt, by the silky smooth and oh-so-forgiving wooden floor.

I would love to know how many people lasted until 8 am!


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