Wednesday, August 21, 2002

It's amazing how the world goes round. I met heaps of amazing people at the party, but it's also triggered things here in Manchester. Like Carole, who lives here too and couldn't make it to Saturday's show. We've been having lovely chats and she's inspired me to get a similar night planned in Manchester after long last (more on that later!). She's sent me some amazing pictures, and kindly agreed to let me put them on here...

A pic she took of Dusty back in the 60's

Carole (front) with Dusty, Peppi Borza (Dr. Who fanatics might know him!) & Madeline Bell (!!)

Carole with Madeline Bell last year.


After I saw the Dusty pics, I went and dug out some albums to listen to this morning. "I wish I'd never loved you" was so gorgeous all over again, and I filled up with tears. "Famous" people come and go, but her passing was one of only a few that really affected me. As it turns out, Carole and I were at the same Pet Shop Boys show where I burst into tears when they did "what have I done to deserve this".

Like I said, the world goes round in funny ways. And it's great.


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