Monday, August 12, 2002

Exciting news! One of my friends, who is working on the new series of Linda Green at the moment, phoned me over the weekend to alert me that Simon Pegg would be filming with them this week. He's most likely playing a fleeting shag/love interest. I say most likely because if you've ever worked in telly, you'll know that things are rarely sorted out ahead of time. Ever. But anyhow, excuse me while I go stalk.

I'd tell you about my weekend, but it was really just spent being domestic and exploring villages outside Manchester, where we want to move out to in the next year or so. Fun for me, not so exciting for you to read about.

However! I'm quite pleased to announce that I'll be singing a couple of girlgroup numbers at a 60s club night in London next Saturday, 17th August. It's being put on by the Spectropop list-owners, and I'm so excited I could scream quite frankly. Downstairs in the bar, they'll be screening 60s videos non-stop. Upstairs, the illustrious Mick Patrick, Malcolm Beaugart, Phil & Ian Chapman will be DJing (amongst others) and that's also where my little performance will take place. Ian has collected original backing tracks over the years, and we're still planning which ones I'll do...but I promise you it will be lots of fun. There might even be an appearance by the Actionettes, the fabulous 60s dancing troupe.

If this is your sort of thing, just email me and I'll send you the details as it's open to all friends of Ronnie, Dusty and Jackie!


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