Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Well, talk about talking too soon. Just as I was gearing up for the synchronized swimming at the Commonwealth Games, a letter arrived today from the ticket department. I'm now told that a) fewer teams are competing so the event might take less than an hour; and b) my seats are 50 feet away from the competition pool, although they're putting up video screens to try and "improve your experience".

I have the option of either sending my tickets back now for a full refund, or attending as planned and getting 50% back anyhow. I'm going to go, of course - I don't really have a problem with the event being short as I'd only be there to see Canada, plus I have a big party to scoot off to afterwards.

What does annoy the hell out of me, though, is that I ordered my tickets the very morning they went on sale in October, and chose the posh seats at £15 each. So would someone like to explain why the expensive tickets aren't anywhere near the bloody competition pool?

Being a diligent consumer, there will be an unhappy e-mail with some well-chosen words sent tonight. I think it's fair to ask if my tickets can be swapped for closer seats, should people be returning them en masse.

I'm not the only Canadian having a hard time though - check out these poor otters.


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