Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Mmmm. My zucchini (sorry, courgette) bread is baked and I've sorted a nice mp3 for you:

The Satin Bells - "baby you're so right for me"

Featuring classic lyrics such as "babycakes you've got what it takes" and "boy you're just my cup of tea", it's a must-have.

The Satin Bells were a trio of Scottish sisters (two of 'em twins!) who started pop life as the Three Bells. Most seem to approach these early singles with caution, although their cover of the Cookies' "softly in the night" is excellent. As the Satin Bells, today's mp3 was their first single in 1968. Quality-wise, it's up there with further releases such as "da di da da" (a France Gall cover) and "i stand accused (of loving you)" (a storming, whooping slice of girl group soul if there ever was one!)

I have some footage of them tucked away somewhere, in which our three blondes prance around a garden, peek out of windows simultaneously and generally look gorgeous. Which reminds me, I've got some gardening to do...


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