Thursday, July 11, 2002

I'm so negligent, I know! It's been a strange few weeks - and with only expensive dial up service at home until today, I felt I had to curb my usual habits. But I'm pleased to say that I've now got broadband which will make writing here much, much easier. Not to mention I'm happily downloading stuff...bliss!

So! Last night. Oh dear. I seem to have this bad habit of persuading friends to come along to a club night that I promise will be fantastic, only to arrive and, well, it's crap. Flustered, you sit there explaining "it wasn't like this last time..." while your friend politely smiles and says "Hey, don't worry about it..." while no doubt secretly thinking "Never trust her again!" (sorry Esther!)

I wrote here about the last time I went to Club Suicide, and how great it was. Now, I'm not sure if I'll ever be going again. We stepped inside Night & Day and Cabaret Voltaire was playing. Fine, the bf is happy. But the rock theme continues with The Damned and other stuff I'm not familiar with. Where is Felix da HC? The Sugababes? Tok Tok? Not a pop record in sight, and there's worse to come. The Obsession take the stage and try to convince us they're a cross between Iggy Pop (naked scrawy chest on lead singer) and the Make Up ("in the beginning there was the word, and it started with the letter "o"...for OBSESSION!") but, oddly, adopting the accent of the singer from the Hives. I'm not impressed. Next band: The Rapture. (can someone please tell me why band is The Something at the moment? It's The So Tiresome!)

So yeah, The Rapture. NYC jazz punk with wailing saxophones and manic basslines. I'm sure the NME or someone will be drooling all over them, if they're not already. (I refuse to read the music press!) We left after two songs.

So - having spent £5 to get in plus bought two beers each, we've just spent our evening in a club that played absolutely *nothing* from its promised playlist which, I might add, lured us there in the first place. For all the enjoyment I had, I would have rather been sat in a pub having a nice conversation. If it was going to be such a rock-out night, don't you think they could have, I don't know, *warned* people?

Tonight, we're going to see the Pet Shop Boys at Sheffield City Hall. At least it'll do what it says on the box! A full report tomorrow.


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