Monday, July 29, 2002

I'm going to have make this quick, as I'm off to my first day at the new job soon!

Karaoke on Saturday was great - highlights included "alone again naturally" and R CJs courageous version of "no dream impossible". However, I'd like to make a few minor complaints about the venue...

1. When we went to check out the place ahead of time, we were shown a hefty songbook. What he didn't tell us was that a) the middle section of the book was useless, as the master disc for those songs had been lost and b) if we wanted to sing any top 40 songs from the large section in the back of the book, we had to go request the discs from the outside bar. While it wasn't the end of the world, it was definitely annoying and dampened the fun of spontaneously choosing songs on the spot - which is a big part of the appeal of renting a private karaoke box - especially when you're paying £25 an hour!

2. We also weren't told that the kitchen staff would need to walk through our private room to get to the kitchen. I'm sure the prospect of being interrupted by a busboy prevented the shyer members of the party from singing.

There, I've got that off my chest.

(Postscript: I would just like to add that I am, by habit, a bitchy consumer and thus, feel the need to point out inadequacies when I think myself or any of my friends aren't getting the treatment they deserve. It's all in the name of humour and financial know-how. It doesn't mean I didn't have a fab time!)

Before I go....I'm having serious issues with my archive. As in, I can't get them to appear at all, although they are of course safe on the Blogger server. I'm using a java script in my main template that links to some java in the archive template, but nothing is working. I've checked and re-checked that the code is ok, too. Anyone have some ideas for a painless way to get them working again? Pleeeease?


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