Friday, July 19, 2002

Good morning! I feel much happier, now that I've finally managed to get a cup of decent coffee! I've been trying to buy mainly organic lately, and this includes coffee. I'm sorry, but fair trade organic espresso tastes like...nothing. They must have left the caffeine out too, because I've had mild headaches on and off all week. And before you lecture me, I only have one latte every morning, and maybe one filter coffee in the afternoon. Thank god the bf's parents brought me back a stash of coffee beans from their trip to France.

Anyhow, amusing site for the day: If, like me, you love to see all the weird crap that pops up on eBay, this site is the perfect place. Just remember that eBay updates its servers from 9-11 am BST every Friday, so the links won't work until then. (Via Linda's site, who stopped by while bloghopping last night.)

I'd also suggest checking out the eBay feedback forums for a laugh - and they're not affected by the server update, so you can read away starting now!


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